Electrical Installations

We are Red Seal electricians in Halifax and are fully insured, qualified and experienced with both residential and commercial wiring methods.  We strive for high quality installations no matter what the budget, because any job worth doing is worth doing right the first time and we warrantee our work.

Residential Wiring

We’ve been involved in many home renovation projects in Halifax, in all manners and ages of home construction. Kitchen wiring is a breeze and we always have lighting ideas if you’re unsure how to get a certain look. We are expert installers of undercabinet LED lighting and LED accent lighting and we are also qualified Communications Cabling installers for telephone and internet cabling. Our residential customers really appreciate that they dont have to hire multiple different specialists to do a job and it really speeds up the process along the way while keeping cost down.

Residential Service Upgrades

Need more power? We have lots of experience in NSP service upgrades or panel upgrades. We can change fuses to breakers, or get you more power from the utility.

Commercial Wiring

We have worked on Commercial projects for several years, usually after major construction is completed. We work really well with designers who need to take a white box store and turn it into an artists vision. We have installed fire alarm systems, audio systems, intercom, security cameras, emergency lighting and all types of specialty lighting.

Architectural Building Lighting Design and Maintenance

We’re installers for some of the most complex LED lighting projects in Halifax. We’re also the only electricians familiar with the complex lighting control systems that can be found throughout NS. Check out our previous work for some shining examples.

Theatrical Power/Dimming Installations

We’re the only electrical company in NS that specializes in theatrical lighting installations. We service and sell event lighting equipment and we’re lighting designers ourselves so we’re the best people to service a lighting rig or add to an existing system.